Bolsa de Valores de Mocambique
ARCO 100,00
CDM 65,00
CMH 1.350,00
EMOSE 11,25
HCB 1,50
REVIMO 12.750,00
TOUCH 3,20
ZERO 20,00
BAYPORT 2019 Série I 20,0000%
BAYPORT 2019 Série II 19,0000%
BAYPORT 2020 Série I 16,0000%
BAYPORT 2020 Série II 21,5300%
BAYPORT 2021 Série I 19,9100%
BAYPORT 2021 Série II 19,9300%
BAYPORT 2021 Série III 19,9300%
BAYPORT 2021 Série IV 20,0300%
CM 2017 19,0000%
VISABEIRA 2020 23,0000%
OT 2005 S2 8,0000%
OT 2017 S6 18,6250%
OT 2017 S7 18,6250%
OT 2019 S1 14,9375%
OT 2019 S4 14,9375%
OT 2019 S7 17,4375%
OT 2019 S8 10,0000%
OT Fornecedores 2019 7,5625%
OT 2020 S1 16,9375%
OT 2020 S2 14,8750%
OT 2020 S3 17,0625%
OT 2020 S4 17,0625%
OT 2020 S5 16,3125%
OT 2020 S6 10,0000%
OT 2020 S7 16,9375%
OT 2020 S8 16,9375%
OT 2020 S9 17,0625%
OT 2020 S10 14,9375%
OT 2020 S11 7,1875%
OT 2021 S1 16,9375%
OT 2021 S2 16,7500%
OT 2021 S3 16,8125%
OT 2021 S4 15,8125%
OT 2021 S5 16,1875%
OT 2021 S6 16,1875%
OT 2021 S7 14,2500%
OT 2021 S8 16,3125%
OT 2021 S9 15,6875%
OT 2021 S10 14,5000%
OT 2021 S11 7,1875%
OT 2022 S1 14,5000%
OT 2022 S2 14,0000%
OT 2022 S3 15,2500%
OT 2022 S4 14,2500%
OT 2022 S5 17,0000%
OT 2022 S6 17,0000%
PC MYBUCKS 2022 S1 18,9000%
OT 2022 S7 17,7500%
OT 2022 S8 17,6250%
OT 2022 S9 17,750%

The Clearing and Settlement system comprises two processes:

a) Clearing – the process of calculation and transfer of the amounts to be paid by the buying and selling sides of securities traded. This calculation includes the value of fees to be paid, including commission of the Central Securities Depository and of the Mozambique Stock Exchange, stamp duty (for values non-listed securities) and any other costs that the transaction may be subject.

Although the management of this process is done by the Central Securities Depository, this settlement itself happens in the settlement chamber of the payment system of the Bank of Mozambique who later informs the Central Securities;

b) Settlement - is the transfer of securities made from the seller to the buyer after the Central bank confirms that the clearing has occurred with success.

The set up process takes place with intervention of brokers involved in the trade and the Central Securities Depository as follows:
 Trade Day (T):

1st. 8h-12h – the trade occurs in the trading system of the Stock Exchange;
2nd. 12h-13h – trade is loaded in the Central Securities Depository system;
3rd. 13h-14h – a split of the trade occurs according to the individual quantities bought or sold by each investor;
4th. 14h-15 – period in which it is specified the investors involved in the trade.

Note: Although the Client specification is made between 14h and 15h, this data (investor – buyer or seller) can be changed by the brokers, if they need to, until 10am the second business day after the deal occurs (T+2).

Second and third business day after the deal (T+2 and T+3):

Before 15:30pm of T+2, settlement schedule reports are sent to the payment system of the Central Bank and to the brokers which intervened in the trade, which in turn proceeds with the clearing on the following business day (T+3) and confirms the Central Securities Depository until 10:30h of that same day (T+3).

The settlement is made by the Central Securities Depository to 12pm.
The above procedure is related to settlement of securities listed in the exchange. For securities traded on the OTC market (not listed securities), the financial settlement takes place on the next business day after the trade.


Listed Securities:

OTC securities: